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Fight Temptation, From the Inside-Out

The main purpose of this blog is to connect you with resources that deepen the concepts that we discuss on Sunday mornings. Over the past few weeks, Jon has preached in SOMA on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and … Continue reading

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How to Help People Going Through Divorce (UPDATED 2:15 PM)

More than anything, I wish there was no reason to post an article like this . . . but the need is obvious. We live in a culture that is POISONOUS to marriage and commitment, and so many couples struggle … Continue reading

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News From Around the Web

In honor of a lazy Saturday, let’s take a quick trip around the internet for news involving or affecting Christians. Hang on . . . here we go: *Indiana College Bans “Too Violent” National Anthem Tiny Goshen College in Indiana … Continue reading

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The “Pornification” of American Culture

Since we have been talking so much about marriage over the past few weeks, I want to call your attention to an article that discusses a very relevant side-topic – pornography.¬†We¬†mentioned the dangers of pornography in Sunday’s sermon, and SOMA … Continue reading

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Sharing Faith in the Schoolhouse

Since today is the first day of school for many students, it seems like an appropriate day to mention this recent interview that appeared on the Focus on the Family CitizenLink website. The site examines political issues, mostly, but … Continue reading

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Does the Media Distort Love?

Following up Sunday’s message on marriage, you should really check out this article in Relevant Magazine. The article tackles one of the biggest problems facing relationships in our generation – the dangerous and disingenious picture painted by the media. A … Continue reading

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