Sharing Faith in the Schoolhouse

Since today is the first day of school for many students, it seems like an appropriate day to mention this recent interview that appeared on the Focus on the Family CitizenLink website.

The site examines political issues, mostly, but this particular interview goes beyond politics – it has to do with the rights of Christian students in public schools.

This is a pertinent topic, since it hasn’t been too many years since an elementary student in New England was suspended from school and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation after he drew a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. (

And the topic is sure to come up again this year, since Wal-Mart is selling Christian-themed notebooks, composition books, and folders. How long will it be until we hear about a student who was ordered to take those type-folders out of the school building?

So just what ARE students allowed to do in school? This interview is with an attorney from the Alliance Defense Fund.

Remember, Peter tells us to be prepared to give an answer for what we believe, but he also tells us to give that answer with gentleness and respect. Don’t make your school the enemy . . . many of them are confused (and fearful) on this topic . . . but don’t let them threaten your rights, either.

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