Finishing What We Start!

I apologize for being absent for this blog for so long. The past six weeks have been consumed with getting this year’s 40-Day Study finalized. I’m not saying that to make an excuse . . . only to reassure you that I have not turned my back on this blog.

In truth, I’m much better at starting things then finishing them. I think that describes lots of us. My life is filled with half-painted sheds; half-repaired lawn mowers; half-completed restoration projects; half-written books. And of course, I have more than my share of half-baked ideas! I enjoy the excitement of starting things – the thrill of breaking ground on something new – but as time passes, and that initial surge of adrenaline fades, I find it much harder to continue with the things on the periphery of life. Starting is so much easier than finishing!

That’s on my mind this morning because Pinedale Christian Church has just completed the first week of this year’s 40-Day Study – High Ground. During this week, I have talked to so many people who have been enthusiastic about getting this study underway. As I sat in my home group last night, most everyone in the room had read every devotion for the week – (even if they struggled with Saturday’s Action Plan) – and everyone seemed excited about the week to come.

But as I left the room last night, I wondered how many would be able to keep the push alive. Over 900 people at Pinedale are involved in Home Groups this year. Out of those 900, how many will continue to read and meditate and focus on their time with God each day now that the initial excitement of the new study has passed? After all, there is nothing inherently glamorous about getting up earlier every morning, or staying up later every night, and spending time with God. Over time, as the newness of the study disappears, excitement will have to be replaced by discipline; adrenaline will have to be replaced by obedience.

That’s only fitting. Remember, the theme of this year’ study is “climbing higher in your walk with God”. Anyone who has ever hiked a steep trail knows that climbing requires discipline. Sometimes, the only way to make progress is to focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and moving that much closer to the peak. Climbing taxes you; it pushes you; it exhausts you. But when you finally make it to the top, you often find that the view is worth the climb.

I believe you will find that in this study. If you will keep pushing, even when that initial burst of newness disappears, you will gain a powerful perspective on God and on yourself. Keep climbing. Don’t tire of doing what is right (2 Thess. 3:13). Once you reach the top, I am confident that you will agree that the view is worth the climb.

P.S. If you would like to continue this thought, click HERE to read a short devotion written by Greg Laurie on why we should all be glad that God never quits in the middle of a project!

P.P.S. If you do not have a High Ground devotional book and would like to read along with our Church, you can find the daily devotions online by clicking HERE.

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