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‘The Demise of Guys’: How Video Games and Porn Are Ruining a Generation

We have addressed the topic of pornography on a couple of different occassions during the past year: HERE and HERE So maybe you wonder why we would use this space to address it again. It is because of THIS ARTICLE, … Continue reading

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The Reality of Parenting, (and Reality Discipline)

I still remember how I envisioned parenting before I actually became a parent. In those carefree days of my early 20’s, I imagined being a father would be as easy as it looked on those black-and-white TV shows that my … Continue reading

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Read With Us Through Proverbs

Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the Bible for morning devotions. It is FILLED with practical wisdom – real-world principles that define a Godly way to navigate life in this world. It is one of those books that, … Continue reading

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Sin and Redemption: The Chris Pritchard Story (May 18 Update)

Friday, May 18th Update: Last night I posted a link to this story about our very own Chris Pritchard that appeared on Fox 8 news. Today, I just want to add this thought: I first heard Chris’ story before a Sunday … Continue reading

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How to Speak To Your Kids About Pornography

Last week, my 6th grader finally received the package he had been waiting for. We had been tracking it online for a few days, and watching out the window for the delivery truck. Finally, it arrived, and he opened the … Continue reading

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THE VOW: The Secret of Lasting Love

If you expect to be in the market for a “date movie” in the next few weeks, chances are that THE VOW will be on your list. The hit movie starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum released on DVD a … Continue reading

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Judgment, Compassion, and Tears

There was a time when John 3:16 was (without question) the most well-known, most quoted verse in Scripture. It was so prevalent that it was almost cliché. We read it on signs at ballgames, graduation ceremonies, conventions, and on signs … Continue reading

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