How to Speak To Your Kids About Pornography

Last week, my 6th grader finally received the package he had been waiting for. We had been tracking it online for a few days, and watching out the window for the delivery truck. Finally, it arrived, and he opened the result of months of saving his allowence. A brand new Kindle Fire! His eyes sparkled as he turned it on for the first time, and almost immediately came the question: “Can you help me get it connected to the internet.”

My wife and I have dreaded this moment for a while – the time when one of our children has unsupervised online access. As much as I love the web, I hate it with equal passion. It has certainy changed the way we gather and process information, and every child in our culture must be profienct in surfing it. But along with all of the good that comes from being online comes those unexpected surprised. You know, like the time you are searching for a picture of a lily for a school project and up pops a woman named Lilly, posing in some unnatural way, and wearing next to nothing . . . or less. No matter how hard you try, those moments are almost unavoidable.

So what can we do? How can we help our children navigate the sexually-charged waters of the internet without leading them deeper into this world’s confused view of sexuality?

This week, my brother forwarded this article, and I think it gives a good place to start. The article comes from CONVENANT EYES, an organization dedicated to helping filter and  monitor the internet for children and adults alike. I hope you will click HERE and read through the articles attached. 

I was especially drawn to this statement from the article:

The emphasis is not just protection but preparation. We can guard the eyes of our kids by limiting their media diet and having good filters on our computers. But the real parenting task is preparing them for a world without filters and fences. Have you equipped your child with an awareness of the temptations they will encounter and the tools to battle those temptations?

I also want to call your attention to THIS ENTRY, which was part of this blog in the fall. It remains the most read article on this site, and certainly deserves a read if you missed it.

If you have found a good way to navigate this issue, share it in the COMMENTS section below.

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