Discipleship: How to Go Deeper in Bible Study

This blog entry is not for everyone. I understand that. But the fact that you clicked on a link entitled: “How to Go Deeper in Bible Study” is a good sign. On some level, you must have a desire to hear God’s voice more clearly; to know Christ in a more powerful way; to move beyond a surface-level understanding of God’s Word and embrace something deeper and more satisfying. Hopefully, the resources in these next few paragraphs will help point you in the right direction.

Having said that, for many Christians, the question is not, “Do you want to go deeper in Bible Study?” Most of us do. The real issue is: 1) Whether we are willing to commit to growth (which demands effort), and 2) What specific disciplines help bring it about.

This week I ran across an excellent blog entry by John Piper that examines this very question. He writes in response to a letter from a 13-year-old, asking how she can take her daily devotion time to a new level. Piper identifies three “study-techniques” that may help:

First, he advises gaining a “birds-eye perspective” by reading through the entire Bible. He links one reading plan that guides you all the way through Scripture in one year. It can be found by clicking HERE. Of course, there are many others. HERE is one produced by the Discipleship Journal.

Second, Piper uses the “M-Word” – MEMORIZE. He suggests memorizing entire passages of Scripture. Like many of you, that thought has always intimidated me . . . yet I have never put forth the effort to really try to memorize many passages. Piper links a tool that can help with this. It is found HERE. This is one that I am intrigued about adding to my daily devotion time.

Finally, he gives several tips for studying deeply in certain passages of Scripture. This is the opposite of the “read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year” approach. After you have the big picture, it is smart to zero in an study certain books and chapters with an attention to detail. Piper gives several tips for how to do this.

I hope you will read John Piper’s blog entry in it’s entirety. It shares profound, applicable truth. Let’s commit together to use the rest of 2012 as a time of deep growth in our walk with Jesus Christ.

P.S. Just to add balance to this moment, I want to link one more article. This one, by Eric Geiger, reminds us that “discipleship” is more than gaining information. It is about TRANSFORMATION. You will like this article. It is well-done.

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