Christmas in June: How Your Shoe Box Makes a Difference

As a parent, one of my favorite parts of our Christmas tradition is watching my children upwrap their gifts. There is SO much excitement and anticipation. They begin with a countdown – 3-2-1-GO! And at the word go, all you can see is an explosion of wrapping paper and tape and bits of ribbon. A literal bomb in our living room couldn’t produce a bigger effect. And at the end, there is always that squeal of joy. Pure delight – jumping and dancing and rapturous joy, as if that $20 toy is made of solid gold.

You know what? I appreciate that. It’s why my wife and I are willing to drive in that traffic and fight for those parking spaces and wade through those crowds to secure those gifts. We want that moment. We just want our kids to be excited and happy. We want that reaction. And they don’t disappoint. Kids are naturally good at receiving gifts.

So why am I talking about this in on June 18? Because of the video posted below. It is of a young child who just opened a gift. It’s not just any gift – it’s is a shoebox, packed by some generous person through Operation Christmas Child – and shipped to some corner of the world where people generally don’t receive even one gift at Christmas time.

Watch the video. It is only 19 seconds long. Watch it over and over. And then start to lay some things aside for next fall, when we begin our annual shoebox collection. Like every year, we will ask you to pack a box; to help receive and wrap and stack and crate and load them. And like every year, it will be hard work. You know what. It’s worth it. The reaction makes it all worthwhile.

By the way, God tells us to receive Jesus like a child. It is good to remember what that looks like.


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