It Is Finished!

So . . . I get that this is oddly timed. Here we are in early December, the heart of the Christmas season, and I am posting a thought that seems more suited for Easter. Just remember, Christmas and Easter are two halves of the same whole. The manager and the cross stand side-by-side as the most important symbols in human history!

Having said that, I am working on a devotion for Pinedale’s 40-Day study that is coming up this spring, and I ran across this excerpt from a famous evangelist named Leonard Ravenhill. It focuses on the last phrase from the lips of Jesus Christ before He died on the cross – “It is finished.” It is too good not to share. Enjoy:

It is finished. This is the language of earth. Why? Because in heaven they never say, “It is finished.” Because it is never going to be finished, for all eternity. Oh, redemption is finished, sure enough. All that I said is finished. But you see, this never finishes. We are going to live and reign with Him for ever and ever. And Gabriel isn’t going to blow the trumpet one day and say, “Hey, you’ve been living in this super millennium for four billion trillion years and it’s over.” NO SIR. I like that part of the Messiah where it goes up and up as they sing “And He shall reign for ever and ever. King of Kings.” Nobody wants it to finish in eternity. We are going to be with the eternal Bride Groom. But wait a minute. They never say it in hell either.

There will be people in hell today and people in hell a billion years from now. No messenger will come from another world and say, “It is finished. Your judgment is passed. You’ve no more suffering for your sin. The wrath of God doesn’t abide in you anymore.” No. If we are going to escape that eternal judgment, if we are going to enter that eternal rest, it must happen now.

You can read the entire sermon here:

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