The Search for Beauty, Part 2 – UPDATED April 17, 2013

In September, 2011, I penned the entry below, highlighting the shallow and destructive search for beauty in our culture. This is a topic that stirs me. After all, I have two young girls who are just beginning to compare themselves with the pictures they see on billboards and the stars they see on television. I also have a beautiful wife who struggles to see herself as I see her.

Today, one of my friends on Facebook posted this video, made by Dove, which is a must-see. It goes right along with the videos that I linked last September – also created by Dove. Please be sure to share this with all of the girls in your life.

Did you know that 60% of 6th grade girls are currently on a diet? And that 40% of 5th grade girls are, too? Does that bother you as much as it bothers me? What could possibly compel these young girls to take extreme measures for the sake of their “figure”? I suppose the answer is obvious, isn’t it? It is all part of the never-ending search for beauty in our culture.

On Tuesday, I penned THIS ENTRY on the search for real beauty, which was inspired by my morning devotions from the book of Esther. Today, I sort of want to follow that up by sharing a FASCINATING, MUST-SEE peek into the beauty industry. When I say “must-see”, I mean it.

In our culture, we are absolutely inundated with images of “beautiful people”. We see them on billboards as we drive; on commericals peddling everything from soft drinks to cars to gum. On every television show and in every movie and even dancing between plays at sporting events. These people represent beauty to our culture.

But what if you found out that it was all a lie? What if you found out that the images you were viewing on television and movies and in ads are not real people? That they are illusions created by technology? How would that change your thinking about beauty?

The beauty illusion has brainwashed our whole culture. It has convinced guys that they should set their standards at levels that can’t be achieved; and it has convinced girls that they should do whatever it takes to measure up. I’ll say this again. This video is a must -see, for boys and girls. Actually, I am linking 3: a long version, a short version, and a commerical that I think is poignant. All are made by Dove. For more like these, search for “Dove, Real Beauty”:
Short Version

Long Version (4 minutes)




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One Response to The Search for Beauty, Part 2 – UPDATED April 17, 2013

  1. Lost in Town says:

    There is something very serious, superficiality and selfishness. If only they knew how lucky they are…

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