The Perfect Father’s Day Present

What do get the dad who has everything? Here’s a thought, presented in Dr. Seuss-inspired rhyme.

Hop on Pop

I’ve tried and tried, to no avail,
To think of what to say
To celebrate my dear ‘ole Dad
On this year’s Father’s Day.

What can you give a guy like him,
A man who has it all?
He needs no tools. He needs no ties.
He hates things from the mall.

I need a gift that thanks him for
Those crazy family trips.
The money and the time he spent
Put big smiles on our lips.

I need a gift to let him know
That all of us boys knew,
When he repaired our broken things
He was saying, “I love you.”

I need a gift to tell him
All the things I can’t forget.
His corny jokes; his good advice.
His stern parental threats.

He shaped his boys and made them men,
And for that I’m in awe.
I only hope my children glimpse
An ounce of what I saw.

In fact, I think that is the gift
My father would like best.
For this three sons to show our kids
How much we have been blessed.

So Dad, this year on Father’s Day,
I’m buying nothing new.
I’m going to pass along YOUR gift.
And be a DAD like you.

Question – What is the best gift you have ever given or received for Father’s or Mother’s Day? Leave a comment below.

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