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The Good Old Days? Why Christians Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Go Back

I don’t know about you, but for me, the first week of school brings lots of emotions. Seeing the kids heading back triggers tons of memories . . . and oddly enough, most of them are good. I remember things … Continue reading

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Just For Fun: “Said No Teacher Ever” – Awesome Video To Start The School Year

The video speaks for itself. Hope all of you teachers have a terrific school year! From First Baptist Church Loganville on Vimeo.

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The Real Location of the Ark of the Covenant – It Was Right There All The Time

I grew up on Indiana Jones. In fact, at some point in my childhood, I managed to get my hands on an actual whip – (I truly can’t remember WHERE I found one of those) – and I practiced for … Continue reading

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10 Great Gifts My Grandparents Gave Me

When my grandmother passed away last Friday, it marked an end of the “Grandparent Era” in my life. She was my last living grandparent – my last connection to those sweet and beautiful men and women who so powerfully influenced … Continue reading

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Why You NEED To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body

A few weeks ago, THIS ARTICLE from the Huffington Post gave the following advice on how to talk to your daughter about her body – DON’T. From the article: How to talk to your daughter about her body, step one: Don’t talk … Continue reading

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Just For Fun: “Stop It!” with Bob Newhart

This is just for fun, but it is definitely worth your time. And for what it’s worth, when it’s over, you could make all kinds of applications to real life in 2013. Just Stop It!!  

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Making Sense of Birth Order: Tips For Parenting Very Different Kids

My three children have the same parents; the same opportunities; the same challenges; the same dietary options; and the same DNA. But they are not the same. Not even close. As every parent quickly discovers, all children are wired differently. … Continue reading

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