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Why I Do Not Fear The Future

Have you felt afraid this week? Have you read the headlines reporting wars and gridlock and stripped freedoms and financial gloom and felt your courage melt? Have you suddenly noticed the world in which your children are maturing and found your … Continue reading

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Encouaragement For A Change: Balcony Or Basement?

The book Passionate People (by Keith Miller and Bruce Larson),  describes two kinds of people — “basement people” and “balcony people.” Which one are you? “Basement people” are defined as “discouragers”. No matter what is happening, they always have a … Continue reading

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Just For Fun: Learn to Argue Like A D.C. Congressman!

As I write this, our two groups of elected officials in Washington, DC are in the throes of more bitter arguing. Don’t you wish you could argue as proficiently as them? Now you can. Just find an “Aruging Clinic”, like … Continue reading

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“A Traumatized Generation” – Why the Internet Porn Problem Is Worse Than You Might Think

Imagine the scene: an interviewer sits down, one-by-one, with a  group of bright, shy, polite, even giggly middle-school students for an upcoming  documentary. One-by-one, he carefully asks the students about pornography on the internet . . . and one-by-one, the … Continue reading

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