Radio Podcast: A Map For Kids During Those Middle Years

While I have been away from writing this blog for the past six weeks, some exciting things have been happening. At the end of October, Ambassador-International started shipping my new book, “A Map For The Middle”. The book was written as a way to offer guidance to kids in those treacherous middle school years, and to offer a tool for parents trying to survive kids who are at that “precious” age.

book cover

Two of my three children are in middle school right now, and I wrote the book as a way to springboard conversations that I needed to have with them: conversations about difficult subjects like popularity, insecurity, sexuality, stress, and more.

You can order the book the book through and Barnes and Noble, among others. (You can also email me and I will send you a personalized copy).

To get a feel for the book, I invite you to listen to this interview I did with Luann Prater at Encouragement Cafe. She does an EXCELLENT job – she would be a great person to follow regularly – and I appreciate the opportunity she gave me to talk about this new project.



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