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Our Choice: United by Error or Divided By Truth?

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend about a particular spiritual/social/moral issue – one on which the Bible plainly speaks. Even though my friend recognized the moral and spiritual implications of the issue at hand, he felt that the … Continue reading

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Is God’s Grace an Escape Hatch?

Have you ever gotten into a tough situation and started looking for an ESCAPE HATCH? The bullets start flying and the danger starts rising, and you try to find a magic portal, or a secret door, or a time machine, … Continue reading

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God’s Patience, Passing Time, And Dreams in Motion – Reflections on My First Book Deal

I received really great news in the mail last week. Included among the usual stack of bills, credit card applications, and new offers from AAA was an envelope from Ambassador International Publishing. It contained a signed publishing contract, which means … Continue reading

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It Is Finished!

So . . . I get that this is oddly timed. Here we are in early December, the heart of the Christmas season, and I am posting a thought that seems more suited for Easter. Just remember, Christmas and Easter … Continue reading

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