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NOAH: Five”Talking Points” For Discussions With Friends

Since the new Noah movie was released, conversations about the story in Genesis 6-9 are suddenly commonplace. It seems like everyone, even people who haven’t picked up a Bible in years, are suddenly experts on the story, or at least … Continue reading

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The Fingerprint of God?

When I was a child, my family used to take walks in the woods near our house. One of my favorite parts of these woods was a small creek that flowed through the center. The creek had sandy banks, and many … Continue reading

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Entertainment Gone Bad: What Has Happened to Us?

My first instinct was to begin this blog by writing, “What has happened to Hollywood?” But that’s not the right question. Instead, I should ask: “What has happened to us?” On Friday night, some friends from one of our groups … Continue reading

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TV’s Newest Punchline: Teen Sexual Exploitation

What are we doing to our children? Do we have any idea? The Parents Television Council has released a new study about sexual explotation on television, and the results should alarm us all. The PTC  tracked scripted original primetime programs from … Continue reading

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Hollywood Vs. The Bible: Last Days

For the past few weeks, our adult Sunday School classes here at Pinedale Christian Church have been talking about End Times prophesy. That is not really a FAVORITE topic with any of us, but it is an important one.  Since God … Continue reading

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“What’s the Big &%#*! Deal about Profanity”

This week, I rented a movie that I wish I had not seen. Sure, it had funny moments – some that made me laugh out loud. But it was also filled profane language, crude and crass references,  and even sexually-charged scenes that … Continue reading

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‘The Demise of Guys’: How Video Games and Porn Are Ruining a Generation

We have addressed the topic of pornography on a couple of different occassions during the past year: HERE and HERE So maybe you wonder why we would use this space to address it again. It is because of THIS ARTICLE, … Continue reading

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