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This page is the central location for articles, interviews, and resources that go with my new book, “A Map for the Middle”.

To buy the back, you can go to nearly any online bookseller. (CLICK HERE fore the link to Amazon.com). If you prefer a personalized version, email me at matthewsink@pinedale.org. I can mail you one. The cost of the book is $10.

What is the book? Here is a description:

WHERE AM I? HOW DO I GET WHERE I WANT TO GO? For many students, the middle-school years represent a harrowing journey. As the landscape around them changes rapidly, many students lose their way. That’s because the path through the middle winds through difficult terrain:   The quicksand of popularity   The rapids of sexual awakening   The forest of insecurity   The bustling metropolis of electronic media   How teens navigate this journey is crucial. Those who embark without clear direction steer their lives in a direction they never intended, and end up in places they never wanted to be. A Map For the Middle is written to offer direction and insight for the middle school journey. Through personal stories, observations, and warnings, this book seeks to help early teens understand exactly where they are, and how they can safely arrive at the place God wants them to be.






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